Our Audio Visual Transfer & Duplication Services Will Make Your Memories Come Alive!

Protect Your Memories Now! --- Did you know that photographs and audio and video tapes deteriorate with time? So don't delay in preserving your family memories by safely scanning your old photographs, scrapbooks, kids artwork and other family treasures. We can create archival CDs and video photo albums that preserve your memories and make them come alive for years to come. 

 vhsvideotape2Transfer VHS Tapes & Photographs to DVD & Enjoy Them on Your Television

You can bring us your VHS tapes, and we will put them onto DVDs complete with menus and chapter settings if you wish. VHS tapes are old media and are succeptible to deterioration and damage. By putting your videos onto DVD, you will prolong the life of your video memories.

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Fred's Audio Visual Services offers media transfer from formats of popular media including slides, photographs, cassette tapes, records, 8 millimeter film, 16 millimeter film, Super 8 millimeter film, DVDs, MP3s, iPods and video tape.

Photographs / Slides / Video Transfer

Our video transfer services include photographs and slides, and several formats of videotape (VHS, VHS-C) to DVD. 

LP Records

We also transfer LP records, 45s and 78 vinyl recordings to CD as well as audio cassettes.

What we can do for you:

  • Copy VHS or VHS-C tapes to DVDs
  • Copy cassette tape or micro cassettes to CDs
  • Make slide shows on DVD from your printed photographs
  • Make slide shows on DVD from photographs still in your digital camera
  • Copy 33 1/3 or 45 RPM or 78 RPM records to CDs
  • Copy CDs to iPod and CDs to MP3 
  • Make slide shows on DVD from your 35MM slides
  • Create DVD using digital camera card from digital cameras
  • Put online video (You Tube & other) onto DVDs (if not copy protected)

We also offer duplications of CDs and DVDs.

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